Friday, October 28, 2011

Occupy this City: What we really want?

I would like to ponder a moment. Do we really know what we want as a people? Do we really know the direction we should go as a city, state as a country? Seems as when the politicians were running for office, they gave us answers that we thought sounded good. Then, when the stuff hit the fan, when the rubber met the road, the answers proved to not be answers as all. the solutions that were promised turned out to not really be blessings but curses. We want Quan! We want Quan! So what do we make of it when Oakland Mayor Jean Quan gives her approval to send the police in and bulldoze the very citizens who shouted, "We want Quan! We want Quan?" Oh no now we don't want Quan. The very people who voted her to be this, that, and the other are now mad as heck!  So again I would like to ponder a moment. Do we really know what we want as a people?

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

We are the 99%

Are we tired of being tired yet? If you are the 99% you should be. Look what has been happening in Oakland recently. You will gasp when you see some of the youtube footage. Why is this happening right here in the good old U.S.A.? It's because of greed. don't think that the greedy is going to give up their wealth so easily to the needy.  After all, do you think they care about you? Heck no they don't care about you and your family. They have gathered the wealth and continue to gather it which means they are keeping it from your hands. They have health care but don't care if you have it. Their children have good education but don't care if the schools close in your neighborhood. Forget it, they don't care about us and now the whole world has seen the evidence. The cops shooting people with been bags and tear gas. Democracy? Yeah my friends, don't let up, give up or back down. We don't stop until we get justice for all. That's right, we are the 99%.

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